Welcome to the 52nd Midland Polo Club season!

A warm hello to all of our friends who have attended our events and matches at the Midland Polo Club over the years.  We greatly appreciate your continued support in keeping polo alive and kicking here in west Texas!

We are looking forward to another great spring tournament schedule. This year we are putting an emphasis on community outreach as an effort to remain good stewards of our 40 acres of beautiful open space and fields.  

 In addition, Midland Polo School is a non-profit entity of the club with a mission statement of Learn, Ride, Play.  Its purpose is educating students on the physical, financial, and time commitments involved in becoming a player.  All ages are welcome.

 As always, we invite all of you to join us here for a Sunday polo event.  Come on out with the family and a picnic basket for a tailgate!  It’s a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Midland.






Midland Polo Club

2017 Spring Season Schedule

6 Goal Tall City League

0-2 Goal Wildcatter League

April 1 & 2: NYTS Tournament

April 5th-9th:West Texas Cup

Winner: Prevalecer

April 14th-23rd: Dust Bowl Cup

Winner: Parrot Heads

April 28-30th:USPA Polo on the Prairie (played in Albany, Texas)

May 5th-14th: Black Gold Extravaganza

May 19th-28th: Tumbleweed Tournament

Wildcatters will play every Saturday

*Check our Facebook page for updates, game results, photos, and game times.*