Midland Polo School

To help aspiring polo players receive a general introduction to the sport, MPC created the Polo School of Midland in 2011.  The polo school’s mission is to make Polo easily accessible to the public and bring new members into the club . Certified Polo instructors Megan Flynn and Molly Musselman teach all of the lessons and run the Polo School.

 “How Do I Become a Polo Player”?  

2017 Spring Polo School

Start Date: Thursday, April 20th

The Polo School is an 8 week course that runs twice a week and provides newcomers with all the necessary tools to start the game of Polo.

What will I learn:

  • Swing Mechanics
  • Riding for Polo
  • Game strategy
  • Rules of the game
  • Horses and Polo equipment provided

After you have completed Polo School the next step is to join our arena Polo league!

 Lesson Rates

For all polo lessons horses and Polo equipment are included. Lessons are scheduled at your conveinence.  

Private Polo lesson$100

Group lesson (2-4 people): $75

3 lesson package: $270

5 lesson package: $450

Riding lesson: $80

  • Midland Polo Club Members will recieve a $20 discount on all lessons.
  • Lessons taken on your personal horse or leased horse will be given a discount of $20 on all lessons.

Contact Megan Flynn for more information or to sign up!

megan@hiddenviewfarmpolo.com or 414-651-8091